How to Use the Ameribites App

When you choose Ameribites, you choose yourself. When ordering food online, have you ever thought about what happens to the money you spend after you order food on delivery apps? National food delivery services take up to 60% of the profit made from their apps, which will likely never return to your local community. Well, that's the joy of Ameribites! Shopping with Ameribites guarantees that 100% of the proceeds will stay within the local economy, meaning more money for drivers and local businesses. 

When you order with the Ameribites food delivery app, you can be rest assured that the money you spend today will find its way back to you. To start choosing yourself, download the Ameribites app today!

The Ameribites app is making food delivery easier than ever before! After downloading the Amerbities app, open the app and type in your location. The app will show you hundreds of restaurants nearby and available for food delivery services. You’ll be able to view each restaurant’s menu to help you make a decision on where you'd like to order for the night, and, if you want, you’ll be able to order from multiple restaurants at one time. When you decide which restaurant to order from, start ordering and select the food you want before adding it to your cart. Before you checkout, you can modify items in the cart and when you modify an item, remember to add a note. 

At checkout, sign into your Ameribites account and begin the checkout process. If you need to make an account, you can do so at this time and input payment information. Don’t forget to leave a tip and add any special notes for your driver! After this, you will be ready to place your order and may sit back and relax until it arrives. Plus, tracking is provided on each order, so you’re never unsure of where your order is. Please leave us a review on your app store to tell us what we can improve. Reviews mean a lot to us as we are constantly looking to improve to be a better service for our customers. 

Thank you so much for choosing Ameribites! Remember, when you choose Ameribites, you choose yourself.