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What is Good Tipping Etiquette for a Delivery Driver?

In a world where delivery has become the new normal, you may find yourself wondering what the general consensus is for tipping your delivery drivers. After all, they go through a lot to get your order to you safely and securely. While some may expect the answer to be as simple as a percentage, at Ameribites, we want to offer a guide that you can follow for good etiquette when tipping your driver.

First, Keep This in Mind

When tipping delivery drivers, an important thing to remember is that the delivery fees are not tips that go to your driver. Alternatively, 100% of any tips that you provide go directly into your driver’s pockets. Another thing to remember is that any tips applied via credit card can potentially be taxed; cash, on the other hand, usually is not.

Consider Your Order

In many instances, the amount you order can weigh into the amount you tip. If you have a small order of a meal for one, for example, your driver likely expects an average tip of around 15%. For those ordering a large amount for a family or get-together, however, the tip may be a higher percentage due to the number of items that must be brought to your door and the wait time they experience to take care of your order.

During Bad Weather

Another factor to consider when you are deciding on how to tip your driver is the weather. If you’re ordering during a storm, for example, it’s important to take into account the risks your driver is facing to get your order to you. Whatever you normally decide to tip, we’d recommend adding a small percentage to it on those rainy days.

Excellent Service

If you notice someone going above and beyond for you, you may consider this to be excellent service. In this case, it’s likely that your driver deserves a little extra. For those drivers who make sure to keep you informed, are polite and who get your orders to you with no issues, we recommend that you consider upping your tip percentage slightly as a “thank you.” On the other hand, if your driver is uncommunicative, unresponsive, rude or unnecessarily slow with your order, it is perfectly fine to do the opposite.

At Ameribites, we employ respectful, prompt and responsible delivery drivers who will go out of their way to provide you with the best service possible. Try us today by visiting!

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