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Canyon, TX

Located just along the Texas panhandle and south of Amarillo, you’ll find the beautiful city of Canyon, Texas! The city of Canyon, named after the Palo Duro Canyon, was formally incorporated in 1906; the city was originally settled in 1878 by Jot Gunter and William B. Munson. In 1887, Canyon city began to see settlers with the arrival of L.G. Conner. Within two years, Conner’s home operated as everything from a post office to a general store, and the city continued to see growth with the arrival of Pecos and the Northern Railroad in 1898. As Canyon came into the 20th century, the major cattle shipping industry established the city’s prominence on the Panhandle. As agriculture began to diversify, Randall County’s soil conditions proved ideal for farming, further influencing the growth of Canyon.

Since Canyon was founded, it has been a center for education, culture and community along the Texas Panhandle. In fact, in 1910, West Texas Normal College was founded and became a degree-granting institution by 1917. While the college has gone under several name changes, today it is known as West Texas A&M University with an average undergraduate enrollment of 7,368 students, and the University has been liable for a very long time for the city's turn of events. In 1921, the University helped the Panhandle Plain Historical Society report and safeguard the district's set of experiences, and, by 1933, was home to the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, which is currently the biggest state-upheld museum in Texas.

American artist Georgia O’Keeffe came to Canyon to work at West Texas as the head of the university’s art department. It was here that O’Keeffe found inspiration in the plains of Randall County and developed her unique Southwest style. O’Keeffe’s time spent in Canyon and Randall County were definitely a fundamental piece of the development of her style that cemented her as one of America’s most profound artists.

Today, Canyon is thriving like never before thanks to its wonderful community. From the growing Canyon Chamber of Commerce to the beautiful plains and the Palo Duro Canyon, the city of Canyon, Texas, is a place like no other, and Ameribites is proud to serve this amazing city! Ameribities is excited to be responsible for delivering the fresh flavors of Canyon to all of its residents. We hope that the next time you are hungry but are too tired to leave your location, you trust in us to serve you as thousands of others have trusted us across the great state of Texas!

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