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Where is Ameribites located?

We are located within a fractalized dimensional rift which can only be accessed by those who practice the highest level of cognitive disciplines, or Texas.

Why should I use Ameribites?

Because we are local, and you are local, so we are basically the same person. And because we have real people tracking your order and your driver in real time, and if any issue arise you are notified via an actual person immediately. Unlike larger companies who only care about market share and app downloads to satisfy shareholders we care that your experience with us is a positive one. If you have any issues, you can call us and let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right.

How do I use the app?

Have you never used an app before?
Seriously though, it's super easy, BUT just in case, we have a video for those who get stuck!

What is the meaning of life?

After a great deal of thought and many years of silent meditation, the only answer that makes any sense is 42 or purple.

What if I can’t take a joke and took this FAQ way too seriously?

Well, Karen, then I’m afraid without a sense of humor, life will be incredibly difficult for you.

My mom is paying for my food, can I use her card?

Did you get her permission, will she buy us food too?

I was charged incorrectly. What should I do?

Check your math.

What if I forget to tip?

Then you're banned from ever ordering again.
JK! Tips are not required, but they are greatly appreciated by drivers who provide exceptional service. If you forget to tip in the app, you can always tip in cash when your driver arrives to deliver your food. 100% of tips go directly to your driver! P.S. The delivery fee is not a tip to the driver!

Where does my money go?

Your money will go right back into the community through local businesses and restaurants. No more throwing money at those big greedy corporations who tend to keep it all for themselves (insert evil maniacal laugh)!

How does the driver know where to leave my food?

All of our drivers are trained telepaths and because you left instructions.

I missed my delivery and don't know what to do.

Clearly. Typically, you're supposed to wait for the driver to drop off your food at the address provided and be by your phone in case the driver has a question about your address. If that’s not what happened, you can call us and we will try again.

My order is wrong, what do I do?

You must have ordered from some other company then. But, on the off chance we made a mistake, or a more likely reason being the restaurant made a mistake, you can call our office for an immediate response at (806) 654-7079 or if you want to wait longer than it takes to make a phone call you message us on FB or email us at

My order never showed up, what should I do?

Check your spam folder, then call us at (806) 654-7079 and we will find it for you.

How do I place an order?

Really? You're already stuck? Don't worry. We'll make it easy for you! All you have to do is visit our website at (or try our app), choose your location, and find the restaurant you want to order from. Once you get there, you can choose your items and checkout.

What if I need to change my order?

Get it right the first time or if it’s already too late for that you can call us, and our dispatchers can quickly and easily make any correction to your order. Unless it’s been more than the time it takes the restaurant to make your food and the driver is already on their way……then I’m afraid you’ll have to place another order or be super careful next time!

My food was cold. What should I do?

Heat it up!

Can I get a refund?

Maybe, are you nice?

How can I become a driver?

Get your driver's license at the DMV, buy a car, and then call us! You can also choose your city and find the “Become a Driver” button and fill out the online application.

Areas We Serve: Borger, Canyon, Pampa, Vernon
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