How Food Delivery Can Help Meal Prep

Meal prepping has become one of the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient ways to help yourself stay on track with eating healthy. Meal prepping provides consistent portions, keeps you on a regular eating schedule, and prevents you from giving in to tempting fast food items. Meal prepping is a great way to ensure that you are fueling your body with healthy ingredients while improving your diet, health and relationship with food. With food delivery apps like Ameribites, meal prepping has become easier than ever before! Here are just a few ways meal prep delivery can you lead a happier, healthier life: 

More Feel Time

Meal prepping may feel like a tedious task. Between planning meals for the week to shopping for groceries to cooking the meals, many people find the process to be challenging to incorporate into their weekly routines. That is why using a delivery service like Ameribites can help you save time and eat healthily. Rather than spending hours planning, shopping and prepping your fresh, healthy meals, get them delivered to your door with Ameribites! Use the time you save on meal prepping to focus on other important things in your life, which provides the opportunity for you to appreciate how great eating healthy makes you feel and allows you to take advantage of other benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Increased Energy

One of the other many benefits of eating healthy foods is the increase in energy it provides you with. Meal planning allows you to receive fresh, healthy meals that are pre-proportioned and perfectly sized to help you avoid overeating while still feeling full and satisfied. As you adjust to your new healthy meal plan, you’ll see an increase in energy within yourself. Portion control combined with properly balanced meals and a variety of colorful ingredients can help you achieve energy levels you haven’t had in years as there is no bad food within your diet to weigh or slow you down. 

Reduced Stress

One of the reasons so many people give up on meal prepping after a few weeks is due to the induced stress of grocery shopping and preparing so many meals once a week on top of an already busy schedule. Changing your diet and working on eating healthy is an emotional process, and it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or too stressed during the process. However, the process is rewarding in the end, and, we hope with the help of Ameribites, you find a way to stick it out and seek all rewards

How to Make Food Delivery Healthy

Recently, food delivery has become more popular among people of all ages. This is because of a number of reasons, but the main reason people opt to have food delivered rather than dining in at a restaurant is for convenience purposes. With food delivery, all you have to do is select what you would like to eat, and someone will bring it directly to your door. However, a lot of the time, the options available for food delivery might not be the healthiest. While it’s ok to indulge in junk food once in a while, it is best to try to eat as healthy as possible. But there are also a number of healthy options when it comes to food delivery, and there are a number of ways to make food delivery healthy as well.

Healthy Options

So, you might be wondering, what options do I really have in terms of healthy food? One thing to keep in mind is that fewer calories do not necessarily mean that it is healthier. Instead, you should look for foods that are satisfactory or fulfilling to you and your needs. Usually, salads are good options because they contain food items from all of the essential food groups. They have a lot of vegetables, but they can also contain meat, which is important to get the appropriate amount of protein. However, if a salad is not something you particularly enjoy eating, then there are also other options. If given a choice, opt for grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. Additionally, wraps are a great way to get all of the nutrients you need. Finally, another healthy option when ordering food delivery is to opt for plenty of fruits instead of getting actual deserts. Fruits are a great way to satisfy any sweet craving you might have without all of the excess sugars that are usually present in pastries.

How to Make Food Delivery Healthy

Now that you know about the options you have available, you might be wondering what other changes you can make to ensure that the food you are eating is as healthy as possible. One suggestion is to skip out on getting actual meals from restaurants delivered and ordering groceries instead. No matter how healthy you think a meal that you ordered from a restaurant might be, there is no way for you to actually know what is going into the food when it is cooked or otherwise prepared. When ordering groceries, you can choose exactly what you want to have. Then, whenever you go to cook, you know exactly what’s in your dish since you have full control over making it. However, sometimes life gets in the way, and cooking might not exactly be an option for you. Another way to make food delivery healthy besides cooking is just to be transparent and ask a lot of questions. Make sure you know exactly what you are ordering and what comes in it. If you have any doubts at all, make sure you ask to see the nutrition information.

How to Use the Ameribites App

When you choose Ameribites, you choose yourself. When ordering food online, have you ever thought about what happens to the money you spend after you order food on delivery apps? National food delivery services take up to 60% of the profit made from their apps, which will likely never return to your local community. Well, that's the joy of Ameribites! Shopping with Ameribites guarantees that 100% of the proceeds will stay within the local economy, meaning more money for drivers and local businesses. 

When you order with the Ameribites food delivery app, you can be rest assured that the money you spend today will find its way back to you. To start choosing yourself, download the Ameribites app today!

The Ameribites app is making food delivery easier than ever before! After downloading the Amerbities app, open the app and type in your location. The app will show you hundreds of restaurants nearby and available for food delivery services. You’ll be able to view each restaurant’s menu to help you make a decision on where you'd like to order for the night, and, if you want, you’ll be able to order from multiple restaurants at one time. When you decide which restaurant to order from, start ordering and select the food you want before adding it to your cart. Before you checkout, you can modify items in the cart and when you modify an item, remember to add a note. 

At checkout, sign into your Ameribites account and begin the checkout process. If you need to make an account, you can do so at this time and input payment information. Don’t forget to leave a tip and add any special notes for your driver! After this, you will be ready to place your order and may sit back and relax until it arrives. Plus, tracking is provided on each order, so you’re never unsure of where your order is. Please leave us a review on your app store to tell us what we can improve. Reviews mean a lot to us as we are constantly looking to improve to be a better service for our customers. 

Thank you so much for choosing Ameribites! Remember, when you choose Ameribites, you choose yourself. 

4 Reasons Why Takeout is Better Than Dining In

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all come to appreciate the wonderful service that is takeout. Takeout has long been a favorite in my household, as it allows us to enjoy dishes from our favorite restaurants without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. Takeout is also an amazing option if you need to feed your family and have had some time where your desire to cook has been hindered. There are so many reasons to choose takeout over eating out, but here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Refresh Your Relationship

After a busy week, people tend to find themselves looking forward to date night with loved ones. It is understandable if neither of you feel up to leaving the house, which is why it’s reasonable to treat yourself to a takeout meal from one of your favorite restaurants instead. No need for reservations; just submit an order through the Ameribites app, and we’ll have it at your front door in no time. Light some candles and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, or turn on a movie for a lovely movie night. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful, relaxing night with your loved one that you’ll definitely need after a long, exhausting week. 

  1. Entertain the Kids

Do your kids want to go on an adventure? Well, you can create one in your backyard! A fun day in the sun is perfect for kids, and to complete the day, a backyard picnic with their favorite foods delivered by Ameribites is the perfect way to end it. Not only will a day of backyard fun and a wonderful picnic create fantastic memories for your children, but, by ordering takeout, you do not have to worry about running around town getting enough food for your picky eaters. A day as fun and exciting as this will be perfect for kids and parents alike, and what is a perfect day without some refreshing ice cream?

  1. It’s So Easy

Takeout has become so popular in recent years because it provides an ease and simplicity that is offered by no other dining experience. Whether you get home after a long day of traveling, a tiring shift or simply do not feel like leaving the couch, takeout is an easily accessible option. Plus, everyone in your family can order from different restaurants if there are disagreements about what to eat. So, why is takeout so popular? Because, it is just that easy. 

  1. Brunch in Your PJs 

Congratulations! You've finally made it to the weekend after a long, hard week. Waking up on a  lazy morning is perfect, as you know there are no important tasks on your to-do list. What makes the morning even more perfect is the knowledge that the Ameribites app allows you to order from your favorite brunch spots without having to leave the comfort of your bed. There is truly nothing better than breakfast in bed on a peaceful morning. 

Takeout has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you're looking to refresh your relationship with your loved one, entertain the kids or simply enjoy a lazy morning in your pajamas, takeout is the perfect solution. With the convenience and simplicity of the Ameribites app, ordering takeout has never been easier. So, next time you're looking for a meal, consider taking out and making the most of your time at home. Order through Ameribites and enjoy your food without having to leave the comfort of your home. Happy ordering!

​Schedule a Food Order and Have Lunch On Your Terms​​

Are you tired of waiting in line for your lunch? Are you trying to keep track of multiple orders at once? If so, then this article is for you. Here, we'll show you how easy it can be to order ahead and choose your delivery time so that you can have lunch on your terms!

Get just-made eats without the wait.

No more rushing out to grab lunch. No more speeding through traffic or having to burn your lunch hour because of a long wait at the restaurant. Get lunch when you want it with this app! With our app, you can order ahead and choose your delivery time, so that you can enjoy lunch on your terms. No more waiting in line.

It's a fact that people are busy, and often don't have time to sit down for lunch. We allow you to enjoy the convenience of ordering food on your terms? With delivery from Ameribites you won’t have to feel hungry for long. That means no more waiting in line or missing out on the deals at certain restaurants. You can order from your favorite local restaurants and get your food delivered right to your location when you want it!

Order early, get lunch on your time.

Ordering lunch early is an easy way to get the time that you want it delivered. When you place your order, there is a section where you can specify what delivery time works best for you and your teammates! That way, all of those with different schedules don't have to worry about when they are going to eat!

It's also helpful if your team doesn't want their food sitting out all afternoon— whether because they're working on a project or on working at different locations. With this option available, everyone will get their food exactly when they need it most, which means no one has to stop working just because today's meal was brought over immediately!

No more lines, ever.

The best part about ordering your lunch online is that you don’t have to stand in line. That’s right—you can order ahead of time and have your food delivered right to you on the job site or at your home.

Plus, with our app, you can even choose your delivery time, so it’s not sitting around until you decide to take your lunch break! You control when it comes in and when it goes out of the fridge. 

It means that you can get lunch from one of our restaurants without ever having to leave your office or home. And it also means no more waiting in lines for takeout orders. With this automated ordering system, we make sure your food is fresh and ready when it arrives at your door! We hope you enjoy this new way of getting lunch—and all the other things on our menu!

It's time to try Ameribites if you're feeling peckish. When you choose us, your pocketbook and stomach will thank you. There are several reasons to give us a try, including keeping your money in your neighborhood and promoting local small businesses. Ready to place an order? Visit us at or get our app right away! We're confident you'll be happy you did.

​Keep Your Family Fed During The Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, but it can also be a stressful time for cooks. If you're tired of cooking for large groups or just want an easier way to feed your family, try out Amerbites food delivery service. This service allows anyone who wants delicious meals to have them delivered right to their doorstep through an app or website. What makes this option even better is that it's easy to use, reliable and affordable!

Order the food you need for the holidays and have it delivered right to your door.

Your busy life doesn't have to stand in the way of your holiday meal schedule. With fast food delivery service and online ordering available, you can receive the food you need for the holidays right at your door. You don't need to worry about putting together a great meal when you're short on time - just order ahead!

Forget about cooking and cleaning when you use Ameribites food delivery service.

When you use Ameribites food delivery service, forget about cooking and cleaning.

You can relax and enjoy your meal with the family without having to worry about what to make for dinner or whether you have enough ingredients. When you order from a reputable fast food delivery service like Ameribites, there are no worries!

Improve Your Delivery Experience with Ameribites Food Delivery Service App

Use the Ameribites Food Delivery Service App.

The Ameribites app is easy to use and lets you create your own profile.

To get started, download the Ameribites app from an app store. This is a free download that will allow you to create your own profile. You'll want to make sure that you have all of your family members' information so they can add their favorites to the account as well! Once you've downloaded and opened up the application, select your food items, pay for them and wait for the delivery person to arrive at your front door with all of those tasty treats.

Order from anywhere, whether you're at home, at work or on the road.

Order food from anywhere, whether you're at home, at work or on the road.

Check out this service if you want to get great meals delivered right to your home.

There are plenty of good reasons to use this service. It's convenient, easy to use and can save you time and money. If you want food delivered right to your door, then check out Ameribites today!